The Gannet

Web Design & Development

Hungry for content

In 2016 I partnered with The Gannet to create a new digital platform for readers to discover food stories and inspiration from around the world.

With 400+ posts and counting, the previous website was becoming bloated and overwhelmed. We stripped away a lot of the clutter and reorganised content into distinct categories, sub-categories and tags, to make for a better reading experience and prepare for future growth.

The consistent and flexible layout system was designed to work across 20+ page types and categories. This allows editors to mix various size images and text to create customisable, magazine-like layouts.

Interviews are the focal point of The Gannet, we made these posts stand out with a full screen hero image introducing each interviewee.

Killian Fox
Editor, The Gannet

“In early 2016, we decided to redesign our food/culture website Through a stroke of luck we discovered Paul, loved his work and persuaded him to take on the task. It was a bigger job than any of us had anticipated, but Paul was undaunted. He got stuck in with enthusiasm, flexibility and a quiet confidence, taking our (slightly amorphous) ideas and turning them into something clean, beautiful and functional. He was a joy to work with and now we’re delighted that he’s part of the Gannet team.”