I’m a graphic designer and web developer, working independently since 2012.

My Services
Brand & Identity Design
Strategy & Creative Direction
Digital Design
Web Development
Print, Typography, Ilustration & Artwork.

How I Work
Directly with businesses, through project commissions.
Freelance, hire me to collaborate with your team, long and short term.

Bradley Van Der Straeten, The Gannet, Wander Studio, Steve Stills, Find You Events, Fund My Venture, Barely Methodical Troupe, Franzolini Architects, Rollings Butt, DunneFrankowski, Victor Frankowski, Yousef Eldin, Urban Botanics, Design by S-T, Okay Studio, LonelyLeap, Survey Hub, Leicester Multicultural Association, Loughborough Sleep Research Centre, Prescient Power, Kai Lau, George Horne.

mail@paulmoffatt.co.uk    +44 (0)7874 290 590