Bradley Van Der Straeten

Branding & Website

A new home for BVDS

Bradley Van Der Straeten is an award winning architectural practise based in Hackney, London.

I was commissioned to redesign the entire BVDS brand, including visual identity, printed materials and website.

Web design & build

Large images, simple, colourful navigation, built on a solid, responsive grid, designed and built to adapt to all screen sizes

Brand identity

BVDS wanted something simple but elegant to compliment their work.

The logotype breaks up the 2 founders surnames (George Bradley & Ewald Van Der Straeten) in the clean modernist typeface Untitled Sans by Klim Type Foundry.

We used the typeface to establish a typographic style which is implemented consistently across all brand applications.

The colour was carried over from the previous identity, giving some familiarity to the new look.